Tips for designing a landscape on a commercial property

Many commercial property owners, investors, and project managers are concerned with the landscape of the property. But, not without a reason – they know that they have only one chance to make a positive first impression.

Challenges concerning a landscape design of a commercial property can be overcome with a few good ideas, a burst of creativity, and the experienced designer.

Here are some tips for designing a landscape that will create that “wow” effect that you’re looking for.small water fountains

Tip #1

Choosing the right layout for a commercial design is the first thing a designer needs to do. When everything is planned and measured, it would be easier to find the plants, signers, and hardscaping to fit into the design. The common obstacles that designers face are not calculating the size of the plants properly. Putting a plant that is too small will diminish the effect of the overall landscape, making your property look disproportional.

Tip #2

The functionality of a landscape design is based on the relationship between the landscape and the architecture of the building. Thus, the important thing in the planning stage is to combine the architecture of the building with the suitable landscape. You want to achieve a clear message and unique visual impression. Not having the coherence between the landscape and the building architecture won’t help you execute the message.

Tip #3

When you’re done with the structure of the landscape (how parts fit into the whole and how the overall design corresponds to the building architecture), it’s time plan the specifics. What type of plants/trees are you going to include in the design? What colors should dominate the landscape? Are you going to install small pond fountains or some other water decoration? These are the questions you need to consider in this stage of planning the design. Of course, before you answer these questions, you should know the basics – what your clients or customers would like to see? What are they going to enjoy in the design of your commercial property?

Tip #4

small water fountainsAnother important thing to consider in designing a landscape on a commercial property is the maintenance. It’s not the most popular topic for designers but definitely is for the ones who are paying for the design. The wise thing to do before the execution of the ideas is to choose the features that are easily maintained, even in the long run. For example, don’t choose plants and trees that will grow big and eventually hide your entrance or building.

Tip #5

Mind the details – that’s essential to every design. So, use your landscape to emphasize the details of your building or your property. Pay attention to colors, textures, and decorations. Make your entrance clear and visible. Don’t go with several different styles in one design. Instead, choose minimalism, with smart detail placement. And that’s how your landscape will make your property look even better.

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